Our philosophy

Since 1995 our team have been pushing the boundaries of digital print, choosing innovation over the ordinary and delivering an unchallenged service to our worldwide audience.

Developing our procedures to ensure a fast and efficient service, our emphasis has always been on providing our clients - both big and small - with a high quality, end-to-end service that gives them the freedom to focus on their core business.

Through our continual investment in emerging technologies we are ideally placed to provide true ‘on-demand-print’ at quality levels generally expected of more traditional methods of print.

“Our aim has always been for our customers to be able to focus on their core activity and rely on us to facilitate that with a timely service and high-quality materials. We strive to add value by working closely with them to address the pinch points and offer solutions to remove them.

We welcome one to one contact with our clients and are always happy to share the knowledge that we have gained over our many years. Our key objective is to supply a high-quality service that will keep you coming back for more. Our hope is that this personal approach will lead to life-long partnerships.

Our Story

Based in Poole, CMP has been trading for over 21 years and continues to employ a dedicated team of client-focused professionals.

We are considered by many to be one of the UK’s leading book printers as we offer a vast array of book printing services to publishers and self-publishing authors. Producing high quality soft and hard back books in black and white, full colour or a mix of the two, our mission is to provide an unrivalled publishing service, with regards to both cost and print finish.

We pride ourselves on supplying our clients with their own innovative and unique digital printing solutions with our ever growing client base providing proof of this.

Spearheading the company is Paul Dawe, Owner and Managing Director. To read more about Paul please visit his LinkedIn profile.

"CMP (UK) Ltd offers high quality, professional book printing services. They are a team who are very knowledgable, and can help you in any aspect of the print process. I have worked with CMP for many of my clients books, and I’m always really happy with the result. Why go to all that expense and effort to get your printing project ready, only to have it printed with cheap paper? I use CMP exclusively as their products are always finished to a high standard."

Alexa Whitten – Book Refinery (www.thebookrefinery.com)

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