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A great training session owes much to the enthusiasm, expertise and passion of the person delivering the course. That said no lesson is complete without strong collateral to fall back on. Educational resources both aid the presentation and encourage audience participation; this is where CMP come into the picture.

Since our very first day in business we have provided training materials to a host of clients spanning a great many industries. We take pride in doing so to the highest standard and quickest timeframe.

The demand for training and educational resources is unwavering, making for a consistent flow of work. Though print runs can be relatively small (training sessions seldom number the hundreds), repeat orders are commonplace. Little and often perhaps best describes this workflow.

Digital printing has made the delivery of such work far simpler in recent times. No longer are examiners expected to guess the number of visual aids and delegate packs they’ll require X months down the line. Instead quotes can be realised in hours and the tightest deadlines met, providing print ready artwork is supplied of course.

Moreover different budgets can be accounted for. Costlier options include full colour training manuals but here at CMP we have the technology and know-how to exceed expectations without breaking the bank. We’re quick and prompt, without compromising on quality.

If you would like to learn more about the types of delegate packs we can produce please call us on 01202 739993.

So what exactly constitutes training material? The following all fall under that umbrella and can be delivered by CMP by 3pm the next day.

Pens and Highlighters

A given, at least they should be. Delegates expect to be handed something to write with when rocking up to what may be their umpteenth course of that month/year. Pens should be branded – naturally - but designers can change things up. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a standard biro for instance but fountain pens demonstrate a willingness to go the extra mile. Ball pens, retractable pens, simple stick pens, cone shaped tip roller balls, tough point markers, permanent markers, liquid ink day markers... CMP to are versatile enough to deliver all types of specifications. Try us.


Rulers can be delivered in a range of lengths and colours, with bespoke text and/or logos emblazoned across them. Be it thin and flexible or rigid and hard, the texture and dimensions are yours to choose. Rulers can prove invaluable, particularly to those asked to produce technical drawings. Training focused on architectural or graphic design demand this essential piece of stationary.

Unsure on exactly what you need? Call us on 01202 739993 today and we’ll make some recommendations based on your information.

Tent Cards

Tent cards play an important role in any training session, helping with seating arrangements primarily but identification thereafter. These visual aids allow course leaders to address their audience directly, breaking through the teacher-pupil divide. How decorative you make them is dependent on both budget and the nature of your course.

Some favour the basic, black on white approach. Others prefer their tent cards to be awash with colour, pictures and marketing messages. As with all of our training and educational resources, CMP work to your brief. A selection of paper finishes and weights can be selected from our online quoting tool and couriered within 24 hours. Flat, interlocking bases make for easy assembly and an essential prop for your upcoming course.


Certificates are recognition of achievement and something to be worked towards. Professional bodies will have these to hand on completion of a training course; even if delegate names are to be handwritten (we can print them beforehand if preferred).

Your certificate can adhere to any number of different templates and include sections for titles, presentation lines, recipient and awarding names, description, date and signature(s). Round off your training session in the appropriate manner.



Handbooks or manuals play a crucial role in any training course. Precious few sessions are delivered without reference to a textbook of some description. CMP can deliver these in a variety of formats. Wire, perfect and ring bound manuals are all popular and available from our shop floor. Your key considerations are ensuring pages and sheets are secure, that books lie flat on any given surface and the presentation is of a high enough quality to prompt users into dipping in and out of it beyond your training day(s).

Below are just some of the binding options we offer in-house:

Plastic Coil: A durable product that allows for books to sit flat and by extension easy note taking.

Saddle Stitch: Ordinarily selected when fewer pages are included. Lends itself to small print runs from an economical standpoint

3 Ring Binder: Lays flat even when a big number of pages are crammed in. Materials can be updated with relative ease

Case Binding: The go to for books intended to have a long shelf life. Robust, this solution is ideal for high value publications

Perfect Binding: Professional in appearance but kinder on the purse strings. A strong spine makes for a good shelf life

Tab options also simplify life for those taking a course, bookmarking particular sections of a text to reduce an over-reliance on contents.

A well designed and printed textbook compliments any training session.

Read more on training manuals here.

Want more information? Why not give us a call on 01202 739993 to discuss your upcoming course?


Branded notepads impress clients no-end. Printed upon your choice of gsm writable paper, we can print 100 pages or more on A6, A5 or A4 paper. You determine whether glue or ring bounding is necessary and if a stylish hardcover applies that finishing touch. Natural and recycled options are available, as are desk pads made from your preferred material.

Card Sets

Populated with bullet points, card sets are useful takeaways that summarise key headlines from a particular subject or category. Presenting these in a striking, memorable fashion helps enforce the message. Traditionally pocket sized there is nothing stopping you blowing your design up to A3. Used to great effect in schools, card sets will evoke old memories for anyone taking a class and – if formatted correctly - inspire them to revise.


Handouts are vital to the success of a training course – both on the day and once attendees funnel out. When designed right, these sheets can reinforce a message and provide more in the way of information you were unable to cover at the time.

Handouts can be deployed as evening reading between dates, a hardcopy of PowerPoint slides, maybe even an itinerary. The truth is subjects expect various paperwork to be distributed throughout any presentation. Don’t disappoint.

CDs and DVDs

Another takeaway; more and more training sessions conclude with attendees being sent home with something to listen to and/or watch. CMP are of course no strangers to such products. Large orders allow us to replicate discs and apply a Litho Print in five colours, while shorter runs may command a high quality Thermal Print to the disc face. The same specification applies to film, for which we can also handle printed booklets and inlays.

To learn more about the CDRUK side of our business call 01202 739993 today.


You may not think there’s much to a standard flipchart but you’d be wrong. This product is in fact wholly customisable. Original versions can still be printed on 90gsm paper, complete with your supplied artwork and drilled for easel mounting. An alternative may include perforations for easy tearing, while laminated flipcharts are growing in popularity due to the ability to erase text at will. All make for a great training resource and point of reference.

Evaluation Forms

It is common practice to distribute evaluation forms at the end of a training session. Both the person delivering the session – and their paymasters – appreciate feedback on whether the course was useful. CMP will print such documents as part of our standard delegate pack.

Tips for a good evaluation form start with the inclusion of close ended questions tied to the training itself. The form should be relatively short, enquire as to what attendees would change and ask whether they recommend the undertaking to a colleague or friend. We’d advise keeping things to a single sheet of paper but will of course deliver to any spec.

In truth the make-up of any delegate or training pack is entirely down the individual(s) leading the course. The aforementioned can be supplemented by the likes of programmes, pop-up banners, event stands, tickets, posters and more. CMP will work with you to ensure your exact requirements are met, however varied.


It’s important to adhere to certain guidelines before submitting your training artwork to print. Always ensure your brand is visible throughout, your logo emblazoned across all material. Likewise, take care over fonts – make them consistent across everything from pens to brochures. And use colour wisely. Decorate your collateral by all means but leave enough white space to ensure text, questions, answer fields and the like are legible. Your guests come to be taught, not confounded.

When it comes to training and educational resources CMP have all bases covered. What distinguishes us from the crowd is our speed. Many accredited bodies struggle to ascertain numbers until the day before a course is slated to begin. That need not derail plans. Indeed when the pressure is on we endeavour to print something by 3pm the next day, providing the correct artwork files are in our possession. The one drawback to this line of work is securing those said files. Failure to locate and share those can hold-up projects of all sizes.

On the whole however the printing of training materials makes for good business. Re-runs inspire customer loyalty, the work regular; the quality absolute.

To speak to us about collating a delegate pack for your training course please call 01202 739993 today.

"Thank you for all of your help with my poetry book... The book looks great and am so glad I decided to get CMP to put it into print for me... Many thanks for a great job!!"


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