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Printed Booklets and Inlays

CDRUK prides itself on the production of high quality finished products and have a range of retail ready packaging solutions for all our discs.

We are able to achieve very competitive pricing on booklets and inlays to accompany standard cases, such as the CD Jewel case and DVD case, by 'batching' them up on a sheet with many other jobs and then mechanically inserting them into cases along with the discs.

Our inlays are litho printed and produced out of process colours (CMYK), on 170gsm gloss paper, to the high standard you will see at retail in any record store. As a result of our 'batching' of printed work to a standard format, if special colours, alternative paper stock, weight, sheet sizes or finishing options are required, then whilst we are able to accommodate most requirements, this will be charged at an extra cost, as it is unlikely that there will be any other jobs in production at the same time using that alternative specification.

We regret that we are unable to insert printed parts supplied by our clients as our packing lines are unable to be set-up to accommodate different materials and positioning on each individual job.

Many of our clients are indeed printers themselves and find our ability to 'batch' printed parts and then machine pack cases with speed and ease to produce a high quality finished product outweighs any perceived saving by printing parts themselves.

The front inserts within a CD Jewel Case are produced as 4pp rather than a 2pp in most instances, meaning that the print only needs to be placed on to one side of the sheet before folding, to create a front cover and inside front panel. This 4pp is also likely to be a better fit, gripping the front of the Jewel Case, than a 2pp and will therefore not be as liable to fall out of the case when opened.

In some cases, CDRUK can digitally print small runs (typically under 100 in quantity) of booklets & inlays and pack them by hand.

All artwork needs to be supplied with a 3mm bleed in a high resolution, 300dpi digital format, including all fonts. Sizes of standard printed parts, are as follows:

CD Jewel Case 4pp Booklet 241mm x 119.5mm flat - folded to 120.5mm x 119.5mm
CD Jewel Case rear inlay 151mm x 118mm (includes spine width 6.5mm on either side)
DVD Case Wrap 274mm x 183mm (includes centre spine width 14mm)
DVD Case 4pp Booklet 240mm x 180mm flat - folded to 120mm x 180mm

"It's been an absolute pleasure to work with CMP. The team have taken the time to give me great advice, such as about the number of books to print for a first run, and the type of paper to use. I've also had great support on the design front, and the billing/paperwork side of things has been easy and efficient. I'd highly recommend self-pub authors use CMP - or anyone for that matter.

'Hired, Fired, Fled' is an adventure memoir I've been working on for several years, and it's great to see it come to fruition. The finished product, as printed by CMP, is exactly what I was hoping for. The book looks and feels completely professional. I look forward to marketing my book around the world, and to hopefully coming back to CMP for many more print runs."


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