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Our Book Printing team has over 35 years of experience, delivering an unparalleled level of service, recognisable by its distinct quality finish.

As one of the UK’s leading book printers, we offer a vast array of book printing services to publishers and self-publishing authors. Producing high quality soft and hard back books in black and white, full colour or a mix of the two, our mission is to provide an unrivalled publishing service, with regards to both cost and print finish.

Our core client base has historically been authors who wish to self-publish. To them, we offer a low-cost service with bespoke recommendations and guidance, ensuring the ideal solution is found - whether for one book or thousands. Expanding this offering, we have also made the service available to publishers who wish to produce a smaller run of books so that they can test the market before committing their budgets to a higher level of print.

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We believe in working collaboratively and not dictating to you how your project should be produced. To that end you have full control over:

  • Hard or soft back
  • Colour / black and white / mixture (illustrations)
  • Any size
  • Choice of paper
  • Font and font size
  • High-quality printing
  • Affordable book printing
  • Files are stored securely
  • Easy to reprint
  • Dedicated customer service
  • Fast turnaround times

We welcome authors to visit our premises, both for a tour and to benefit from our invaluable insider insight and guidance. For those located further afield our entire process can be undertaken easily online however, where possible, we do encourage face-to-face meetings.

There will always be numerous other low-cost book printing services around, but what sets CMP apart is our dedication to detail and unrivalled standards in quality assurance.

Contact us or call today on 01202 739993 to arrange a factory visit or to find out more about our range of services.

"Thank you for all of your help with my poetry book... The book looks great and am so glad I decided to get CMP to put it into print for me... Many thanks for a great job!!"


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