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Digital Black and White printing

CMP Operate the largest fleet of Nuvera Docutechs in the UK, with a daily capacity of 600,000 prints. Ideal for manuals, overflow and trade work.

Print on demand has become the way that low volume, updateable book and manual production is being actioned - printed to order in whatever quantity is required

To maintain this position, meet the increasing demand and to expand the limits of what is possible in black and white, we, in 2005, installed four new digital presses and a fifth in 2007, that are capable of producing over 600,000 A4 prints per day.


Using mainstream technology, these latest machines can print up to 120 pages per minute, accelerating work- flow whilst enhancing image quality. Used in combination with our litho or digital colour printing, incredibly high-value, low-cost documents can be achieved.

Our digital printing services ensure that your company is more responsive to the marketplace and a more competitive player in today's business environment.

Black and white printing examples

We can print the high-quality documents you need, right when you need them, on-demand. And you'll also have the flexibility to make last-second changes that will guarantee your audience receives the most up-to-date information available.

This facility offers fast production of complex documents and is ideally suited for:

* Variable data
* Technical Handbooks
* Education Material
* Software Manuals
* Training Material
* User Manuals
* Programmes
* Newsletters
* Handbooks
* Directories
* Booklets
* Reports

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Latest news

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