High Quality In-House CD And DVD Duplication

It may come as no surprise that an increasing number of companies are choosing to compliment their traditional marketing collateral with data presented in CD or DVD format. 

As these savvy businesses continue to explore new frontiers of opportunity with digital marketing, there is a constant drive to maintain low cost while demanding the highest quality of product. Unfortunately, in the business of CD and DVD duplication, these two factors can frequently be incompatible as many service providers have a tendency to farm out your business to questionable third parties in order to protect their own bottom line.  Our nationally recognised CD and DVD duplication business is operated entirely in-house and the quality of our product is unquestionably superior to the vast majority of our competitors. This is due not only to the premium quality of disc that we use but also our state of the art equipment.

What’s more, with lightning fast turnaround – customers can be sure that their order will be processed in time to meet even the stringent of deadlines.

CD Duplication

We offer a complete CD duplication solution to meet the individual needs of our customer.  Working with a wide range of sectors - from manufacturing to retail, software development and even local government, we have duplicated data in a huge variety of forms including PowerPoint presentations, PDF documents, spreadsheets, corporate brochures, product user guides and more.  We can apply high quality thermal print to each disc face in your batch, ensuring the eye catching finish that will underpin the quality of your product on release.  In order to set cost expectations from the outset, our quotation form includes every aspect of your order so that there are no unpleasant hidden extras. 

DVD Duplication

When certain types of media such as interactive presentations or corporate video are too large to fit on a CD, we will suggest DVD duplication as the perfect alternative. It is absolutely imperative that the quality of disc used for DVD duplication is as high as possible.  Customers have repeatedly come to us having been seduced by a low cost competitor, only to discover that their disc not only looks homemade but won’t play properly. Unfortunately the old adage of “buy cheap, buy twice” is very much at play in this industry.  We take the business of DVD duplication extremely seriously. After all, our reputation is at stake as much as that of our customer – this is why no order leaves our facility without strenuous quality control and a commitment to first class results, every time.

CD and DVD Packaging

It is important to spend time considering the best option for your individual project when it comes to packaging. Be sure to speak to our expert team if you require direction here, after all – you don’t get a second change to make a first impression when it comes to your marketing.
We offer an exciting range of CD and DVD packaging options which range from reliable, low cost solutions to premium options:

Jewel cases
Super Jewel boxes
Super slimline cases
5” card wallets
Clear poly wallets
C-shell cases
Foam studs and plastic centres

Visit our CD and DVD Packaging page to discover more about these different options and which may be best for your project. 

Printed Booklets and Inlays

Did we mention we have an in-house artwork department too? Take advantage of our experience and streamline your project by keeping both the design and manufacture aspect under one roof!  If you decide to opt for standard packaging such as the CD jewel case then our “batched” approach to printing booklets and inlays will deliver significant cost savings. This innovative approach allows us to combine multiple print jobs and then mechanically insert artwork into cases along with each disc - saving both time and money.

As standard, our inlays are litho printed and produced in process colours (CMYK) on 170 gsm gloss paper to an exceptionally high finish. Speak to a member of our experienced team if you require alternative colours or a specific paper stock – we are always on hand to lend advice and work in partnership to achieve your desired result. 

If you would like to discuss your CD or DVD duplication project then call us today on 01202 739993 or get a quote online.

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“As a publisher I know there is far more to choosing a printer than finding a company with the right equipment and offering a competitive price. For us, it is the customer service that is the key. Having had the pleasure of working with cmpbookprinting.co.uk for some time and trusting them with our P.O.D. book titles, they have consistently both met and exceeded my expectations and I have no hesitation in recommending them wholeheartedly.”

Chris Day. Director Filament Publishing Ltd

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