Meet The Team - Toby Culff, Business Development Director

As CMP’s new Business Development Director, he’s responsible for developing and implementing strategies that will help CMP grow its customer base. Dealing with new and existing customers, Toby Culff will be responsible for building and maintaining partnerships with both new and existing customers, ensuring that these key relationships are equitable and mutually beneficial.


After starting out in print as a 17-year-old school leaver, Toby knows his way around the industry. There are a lot of things he likes about it and also things that frustrate him. One thing he’s always found frustrating is how inefficient people are with their printing. They waste too much time, money and energy. So, if he can help customers be as efficient as possible in each of these respects, he will feel that we’re providing a genuinely valuable service.


At CMP we have worked hard to build up a team of people who are passionate about print and who bring their expertise to bear on every project that comes through our doors. And because they understand the importance of quality control in making sure that everything meets its high standards before going out into the world, they are passionate about quality control too. Toby understands this only too well and knows if we’re to make CMP truly and permanently ‘special’, we need to offer extraordinary service to our customers. That is our goal.


In Toby’s own words; “I enjoy what I do. That’s important. I enjoy forming relationships, working with my customers, and getting to know people and businesses. Hopefully, that comes across. Simply put, I just try to be a straightforward, decent, helpful person to deal with, and to provide the knowledge and advice which makes a customer’s life easier. I don’t apply much more science to it than that.

Trust and reliability are crucial. If I give you my word, you can be certain I’ll keep it. I believe in clarity and honesty, in values and principles, and in being open and accessible. A customer should have a proper sense of the person they’re entrusting their work to. When an order’s placed with me, I take that very seriously. And I appreciate it, too, which is why I’ll always say “thank you!”

I’m a reliable person but mistakes happen, problems happen. That’s inevitable. Reliability and infallibility aren’t the same thing. If a customer knows that you won’t hide, won’t dissemble, won’t withhold, I think that’s a good start. And, again, that’s really just a question of applying good character and basic humanity to your job, isn’t it? A question of being the same person at work as you are at home. Integrity.

I’m lucky to have a job which I enjoy, which makes me smile. Not everyone has that privilege. I’m mindful of that every day, and I’m very thankful.”


Toby’s motto is “Family comes first. Family is everything” and this is truly evident from the time we have already spent with him as a team.


Having grown up playing team sports and then years working in small, close-knit print factories, Toby loves the sense of camaraderie and shared purpose that comes from being part of a team — just as much as we appreciate having him on Team CMP.


We asked Toby our usual quick-fire questions:

First gig? Ralph McTell – beautiful guitarist. 

Last gig? Wishbone Ash

Favourite food? Burgers, burgers, burgers! 

Favourite drink? Red wine

Favourite place in the world? Amalfi coast, Italy. 

Favourite film? Jerry McGuire

Favourite TV show? Strictly Come Dancing. Obviously. 

Favourite podcast/book? The Socially Distant Sportsbar


Picture of Toby Culff

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"After a conversation with you yesterday, I just wanted to reiterate how pleased we are with the job CMP have done.  Everything looks great.  Finish, print quality is top notch.  Please pass on my compliments to your people."


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