Why Self Publish? Discover Your Global Audience

 It was impossible to predict, when the internet flickered into existence, just what would happen next.

Interconnectivity, 24 hour information, sharing, tweeting, and an unprecedented shift in culture and mind set. Everything went online. Buying habits changed. Businesses changed. New businesses emerged and took over the world. It’s a little known fact that we produce more information in a single day than the whole of history up to the year 2013. The scarier part is that we’re able to store it all.

So we’re in an age where we not only have the storage for all this data and fibre optics means information travels at the speed of light. Why self publish? The answer is simple: literature is the love affair of the modern age.

Since the days of Shakespeare and Chaucer we as a species have been fascinated by the written word and despite all the innovations in the forms of eReaders and tablets, books haven’t just survived, they’ve flourished. Because for all the technology and for all the benefits it brings, reading a book is still one of the most widely stated past times in the world. All this innovation has also brought two major game changers to the world of book publishing. Two things that allow would be authors to bypass the challenges of literary agents and the labyrinthine politics of book publishers. The first is businesses like ours and the second is an unprecedented, borderless means of distribution. 

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Whether you use your own website, or services like Amazon Marketplace and eBay, you have a global audience to sell to. Thirty years ago that would have been the domain of multinational publishers and only then after you’d earned your stripes writing multiple works.  For the uninitiated, Amazon Marketplace allows individuals to sell their own products on their platform. If you want they’ll fulfil it for you too for a fee. This can be anything from second hand goods to an original item. So long as you have an ISBN number, stock, a means to ship it and know how to fill out a tax return.

Where this benefits authors is that it gives them a global audience instantly with very little in the way of running costs and none of the publisher or agent fees. Furthermore, as Amazon is making it increasingly difficult for publishers to turn a profit, there is a real benefit to self-publishing.  Were that not enough, we possess the technology and over twenty years of print knowledge to help you create the book of your dreams, whether it’s a novel, your memoires, an academic thesis or a corporate publication.

The technology exists that we can print and bind your book to any specification you want. And design the cover for you if you really want us to. The reason why you’d self publish is evident. We have come full circle, technology giving us all the freedom to become the next Shakespeare. Of course Shakespeare had the Earl of Southampton as his benefactor and he may have believed all the world’s a stage, but for you the whole world is a book store and you have 7 billion customers.

To discover more about our book printing solutions click here or contact us today on 01202 739993 for more information on how we can support your project.

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