High-End Print for High-End Property

Going back 10 or so years, the only way we were able to show products and specifications to prospective clients was by using brochures. Often with flat imagery and very simple finishes meaning it didn’t cost too much to have 150 + printed- you would probably end up using them all anyway, meaning longer print runs weren’t a problem.

However, in the digital age, things have changed dramatically. Prospective clients are able to browse online to their hearts content and if any further information is needed, it can be quickly and easily emailed over to them at no cost. All of the information they need is at their finger-tips, meaning you need shorter print runs.

Printing brochures can often be a challenge if you are looking for fewer, higher quality prints. Traditional printers often require print runs to be no less than 100 copies and if you are looking for these to be premium quality, you will often end up wasting money and having stacks of brochures all around the office when really all you needed was 20 copies.

Lower Print Runs – Lower Cost

This is quite typical of the high-end estate agency and property development industries which often deal with a very niche market and promote a small number of higher value houses (often worth £800, 000 upwards). Ordering 100 + brochures is simply not viable, especially when printing A4 brochures with finishing touches like silk or gloss paper, Spot UV images and embossed logos add to the cost of printing.

At CMP, we have invested in the latest technology meaning we can run low print quantities so you only print what you need. But don’t worry, if you do need more, simply update and reprint your brochures ‘on demand’ to eliminate the need for storage space and print wastage while also reducing the unit cost which traditionally increases with lower print runs. Cost efficacy at its best!

The Finishing Touches

Premium properties should be reflected by high quality print to make that all important first impression special. Our technology also ensures that we are able to produce premium brochures, with all of the finishing touches to ensure your properties are breathtaking at just a glance. Spot UV can be ideal for making images ‘pop’ on matt pages, allowing the properties to speak for themselves, while your company logo can be embossed or de-bossed to ensure the brochure has your stamp on it. Why not go that extra bit further and incorporate a business card slot in the front cover?

We know that no two properties are the same and their brochures shouldn’t be either so we go the extra mile to make your designs special and ensure your products are represented at their best in print. Clients may be able to get much of the information they need digitally, but nothing adds to a buying experience like a well printed, high quality brochure- particularly in the property industry.

The total Print Solution

Our technology, ability to turn work round within 24 hours and our wide range of finishes, make CMP the ideal turnkey print solution for the property industry with capability to also print office stationary, business cards, site hoarding and leaflets to name only a few!

Take a look at our Brochure printing page if you would like more information, or give us a call on 01202 739 993 and we would be happy to talk through your requirements!

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"I just wanted to say - WOW! My books are here already and are yet again of the highest quality. I wasn't expecting these until Friday at the very earliest. What a fantastic turnaround. Much appreciated."


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