Project Spotlight: "The Adventures of Edward the Baby Liraffe"

We are delighted to have put the finishing touches to the marvellous work of up and coming children’s author Jack Le Raffe!

“The Adventures of Edward the Baby Liraffe” is a beautifully illustrated tale that will certainly delight little ones this Christmas. Those planning a trip to London this weekend may well come face to face with Edward and his jungle friends on the underground, as the book will be launched on December 4th with a vivid underground poster campaign!

Baby Liraffe front coverAs a new independent author, Mr Le Raffe was keen to draw upon the experience of CMP to ensure a high quality, eye catching finish for his first book. After all, in the extremely crowded market place of children’s fiction, it is imperative that new titles are as striking as possible. In order to help our customer make the most informed printing decisions for his book we were keen to describe the individual merits of a variety of paper choices and finishes – as well an ideal initial print run. Taking time to get these elements of a project right is absolutely critical, both to the success of the book and the health of a customers bottom line!



With this in mind, we settled on the following specification for “The Adventures of Edward the Baby Liraffe”:

•    Size: 178x229mm

•    Perfect bound (also known as a limp or soft back book)

•    48pp (*pp = printed pages or sides, so 48pp = 24 leaves of paper, printed on both sides)
•    300gsm weight coated stock cover with a gloss laminated cover using our own in-house lamination

•    115gsm weight coated stock inner.

Choosing The Optimum Print run

In order to tap into the benefit of both digital print and small print runs, we explained the multiple advantages of opting for a little but often approach to printing. Having initially considered a much longer run length, Mr Le Raffe was keen to press forward with this strategy as it affords authors three distinct wins:

1.    The ability to control spend while testing the market
2.    A means to avoid unnecessary stock holding
3.    The option to ensure an up-to-date product is always produced should periodic changes be needed

Once the particulars of the project were nailed down we proceeded to produce the first proof with clear shots of the front and back cover as well as inner pages. At this point we were keen to give Mr Le Raff the option to include additional imagery should he wish, before moving on to the full main production run once he was completely happy.

We are thrilled with the final result and even more so with the kind feedback that we have received from our customer:

“As a new independent author I had no previous experience with book printers in the UK (or anywhere). I found CMP online and canvassed them in comparison to at least three other printers. Prior to ordering with CMP I was attracted to the ease of the online quote page, the affordability of the quotes provided and the speed of the responses
Since then, what I have valued most from working with CMP is the dedication they have made personally to my project. Paul and Richard on the CMP team have strived to ensure I was made aware of all possible design or integrity issues on my original print files, this has resulted in an end-product of the highest quality that I am delighted with. 

The artwork truly pops out the page and the book overall is refined to high resolution. Thank you to all at the CMP team! Looking forward to the next project."

If you are looking for the perfect Christmas present for a child then we can confidently say that “The Adventures of Edward the Baby Liraffe” will be a firm favourite at bedtime. With stunning illustrations and a heart warming storyline, this book is an excellent first introduction to the continents of the World for little ones.

Buy your copy of “The Adventures of Edward the Baby Liraffe” on Facebook now and give the gift of a book to someone special this year. 

If you would like to discuss your own book or printing requirements with our excellent in-house team then call us today on 01202 739993 and we will be delighted to help!

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"Away from my desk and just seen your message. I was about to mail you - so happy coincidence. Thank you, Richard, Paul and your colleagues for your excellent service. Couldn't have wished for better or speedier service. Very glad I chose CMP."


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